Marine Phytoplankton Powder vs Liquid

As the UK’s leading supplier of marine phytoplankton powder, people often write to us and ask why we sell powder over liquid. The answer to this is simple: we’re confident that powder is a superior product, which preserves the delicate cellular integrity of the phytoplankton more efficiently while offering you the maximum value for money.

The delicate business of drying phytoplankton into powder

If we consider that an average litre of seawater contains between one hundred thousand and one hundred million plankton algae, a nutrient-dense, near-perfect food, we can see why the food industry is waking up the extraordinary power of plankton. But drying this sensitive plant while preserving the superabundance of nutrients is no mean feat. In the case of bringing phytoplankton to market, eliminating rival strains and any competing bacteria are also key factors to consider.

Keeping the cell wall soft

One factor we’ve noticed in the lab is that if the phytoplankton is stressed during it’s growth cycle, the cell wall hardens, which ultimately makes it a much less successfully nutritional supplement. Like all of us, stress makes it tough but, in this case, that’s the last thing we want. Our process does everything possible to keep it happy, which means optimum growing conditions, and a very soft, organic drying process which does nothing to disturb it’s integrity. We are looking for dried cells that are stable and viable after reactivation. One thing to point out is that, this optimum health is best preserved by keeping it in the dried form and ingesting it directly, not diluting it with liquid or any other medium. The phytoplankton is extremely fragile and any tampering of this sort is likely to mean a significantly less perfect nutritional delivery system.

Powder is better value for money

Aside from the issue of cellular integrity, it simply makes sense to us that offering someone 100% of what they’re paying for, is a better value proposition than something diluted. For that reason, we’ve never been tempted to stock liquid phytoplankton simply because we prefer to offer the purest, 100% unadulterated powder dried straight from nature’s source.

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Cara Hayes is an experienced natural health practitioner with a Masters in Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics from the University of Sydney. She has been writing for Plankton for Health since 2019 and contributes widely to many well-known health publications.