Can Marine Phytoplankton Help With Weight Loss?

Phytoplankton’s extraordinary nutritional profile makes it a powerful addition to any weight loss program. We received scores of testimonials from people who added this to an overall wellness regimen, only to discover that it offered remarkable benefits to keeping their weight down. There are some obvious reasons why phytoplankton might aid any weight loss program, but the best answer seems to be that plankton has the ability to simply go where it’s needed. Our experience suggests it is the best product in the world for pushing anyone towards their optimum health situation.

In the meantime, here are some of the core reasons why marine phytoplankton supplementation should play a part in any nutritional weight loss program.

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Balances blood sugar

Chromium, which our strain of phytoplankton is extremely rich in, is a powerful blood sugar balancer. This essential trace mineral is generally quite low in the standard Western diet. Recent research shows that chromium essentially boosts the actions of insulin, improving blood sugar utilisation and decreasing insulin requirements in those people intolerant to glucose. In layman’s terms what this means is that when your insulin surges your blood sugar starts spiking, which is part of the thing that makes you fatigued, and craving more sugar! Insulin also tells the body to start storing fat so the blood sugar cycle can have tremendous implications on any health journey, but with particular ramifications on overall body weight and mental well-being.

Helps Fat Metabolism

Chromium is amongst those ingredients within phytoplankton that also helps the body metabolise fat. Several interesting studies have pointed out chromium’s powerful modulating effect on lipid profiles – one study reporting triglyceride reductions of over 30%, as well as reductions in total cholesterol. Chromium also seems to increase lean body mass as per studies focused on high-dose supplementation of chromium by athletes.

Appetite suppressant

Another common report from our customers is that marine phytoplankton has a natural suppressing effect on the appetite. Our take on this is simply that body becomes naturally satiated when it’s nutrient requirements are adequately fulfilled. Bizarrely, several reports from people accustomed to eating massive amounts of green vegetables as part of their dietary regimen suggested even this needs that to reduce. There is simply no more concentrated nutritional supplement on the marketplace, in our opinion, and as such one or 2 teaspoons a day appears to fulfil most or all of your bodies foundational nutritional requirements.

Increases happiness, decreases cravings

We’ve covered marine phytoplankton’s usefulness in promoting sound mental health in another article but, to paraphrase some of that here, phytoplankton appears to be an excellent mood booster. It may be the long chain EPA oil which helps with this, and the bioavailability of the plankton makes it extraordinarily efficient at delivering this oil where it is needed. It may also be a by-product of this humble single celled plants profound nutritional profile that uses simply feel calmer and more grounded. Many people battling excess weight acknowledge a psychological element to their relationship with food, we feel it is logical that helping achieve increased mental stability has an obvious knock-on effect weight control. Please do write in and let us know how you find it in your own health journey.

Cara Hayes is an experienced natural health practitioner with a Masters in Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics from the University of Sydney. She has been writing for Plankton for Health since 2019 and contributes widely to many well-known health publications.