Marine Phytoplankton Customer Reviews

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More Reviews about our Phytoplankton Supplements

Sensational stuff, the Health Factory phytoplankton is the holy grail of planktons, I’m not kidding. Compared to the stuff I tried last time, this is night and day. Tom Griffin, Sheffield

Turned my life around. 10 years of Chronic fatigue left me virtually unable to get up off the sofa. Then suddenly, a teaspoon of this stuff was like taking magic dust. For the first time in as long as I can remember, I felt the stirrings of vitality in my veins. 6 months later, I won’t say I’m totally cured but I am well on the road to recovery. Thank you SO much for this stuff, I have become a zealot for it. It’s not the cheapest but I wouldn’t trade my health for anything less. Jenny Carling, Seaford, East Sussex

Our dog looks absolutely gleaming on this. And his aches really don’t bother him any more. Big thank you. Pat Trax, Exeter.

Doesn’t taste great, but boy does marine phytoplankton powder seem to work. I feel great, great, great.  Mr Edgar, Edinburgh, Scotland

I bought this for the EPA content, and now have to fight my husband over it since he’s discovered it’s cleared up a lifetime’s bad skin. There’s something magical about this powder, in our opinion. Donnie and Shirley Rawlins, Manchester

Having spent a fair bit and already been impressed by another well known brand of phytoplankton in a liquid form, I thought it worth changing things up a bit and trying a powder. I was in for something of a shock, I can tell you, because this stuff just blows the others out of the water. Very clean tasting, smooth on the tongue. You can really see the sheen of EPA oil in it. Literally 20 mins or so after ingesting this stuff you start to feel the energy burst. And then the feeling of wellbeing just persists. I’ve been something of a health junkie for 20 years now but never have I taken anything this powerful. In fact, I have basically just stopped taking all other supplements because, when you have this in your arsenal, your body just tells you that’s enough. Tom Lubbock, Totnes