Phytality Fermented Chlorella – 240 tablets


240 tablets of Phytality’s exceptional fermented chlorella. Each daily dose of 6 tablets gives you 1.5g of powder.

Experience the purity and quality of Phytality’s European-grown Chlorella tablets that have been fermented for optimum digestibility. With a unique closed fermentation process, these tablets are free from impurities such as heavy metals, and their cell walls have been softened to ensure maximum absorption of 65 essential nutrients, including Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF) and beta-glucans.

About Phytality Fermented Chlorella

Phytality’s unique process softens the cell wall and eliminates impurities such as heavy metals, making it more digestible and absorbable. Compared to cracked cell varieties, fermented chlorella offers better absorption of plant-based protein and essential nutrients, including beta-glucans and Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF). Fermented chlorella also contains chlorophyll, and it is a fantastic vegan source of B12.

Phytality fermented chlorella is produced in a European closed sealed fermentation facility, ensuring sterility, bioavailability, and purity. It is available in both powder and tablet form. Click here if you’d rather buy the powder.


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