the health factory marine phytoplankton 50 gram sachet vegan EPA Omega 3
the health factory marine phytoplankton 15 gram sachet vegan omega 3 EPA backthe health factory marine phytoplankton 50 gram sachet vegan EPA Omega 3the health factory marine phytoplankton 50 gram sachet vegan omega 3 EPA back

Marine PhytoPlankton Powder (The Health Factory)


Why buy THIS phytoplankton over others?

When setting up Plankton for Health we ordered samples of EVERY single phytoplankton supplement on the market in both the UK, EU and USA. Most were terrible, some were OK, and about two were good. But one stood out as being ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE and, as soon as we tried it and felt the effects, we knew which one we would sell.

It is unquestionably the highest grade, most carefully produced premium phytoplankton product on the market. It is more powerful, more palatable, more concentrated, and significantly purer, in our opinion.

We firmly and confidently believe it is worth spending a bit more on. And you don’t believe us, try those from competitors first!


Product Description

Our unique Marine Phytoplankton strain has been carefully selected, due to its higher proportional ratio of Omega 3 EPA Phospholipids. Phospholipids are the more bio-available form of Omega 3 oil. In addition to this our particular strain range of natural complex minerals and nutrients is more concentrated, due to our unique strain and our method of controlled cultivation.

How is The Health Factory Marine Phytoplankton produced and why is it better?

The Health Factory Marine Phytoplankton product is produced in closed photo-bioreactors. Our product is not produced in open ponds! Our production process of micro-algae allows us to produce pure batches of marine phytoplankton, free of any airborne contamination. This also reduces the ability of other wild algae to contaminate our selected algae strain, a huge problem in open pond cultivation.

The above combined with the light penetration to the micro-algae based on our growing technology and process also allows for the substantially higher concentration of vitamins, trace elements, unique anti-oxidants, electrolytes, enzymes and co-enzymes & phyto-nutrients.

Our production plant utilises the best quality German designed and installed photo-bioreactor technology available worldwide. Our system is produced from glass tubes, as opposed to cheaper plastic tubular photo-bioreactors. Our unique production process allows for better cleaning and heat sterilisation of glass tubes between production batch runs, when comparing to plastic tube systems. In addition plastic tubes allow for leaching of the plastic material, when exposed to higher water temperatures for cleaning between production batches.

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