About Phytality Marine Phytoplankton Supplement

Phytality Marine Phytoplankton supplement  provides your body with a new and complete food source, giving it almost every raw material it needs to build healthy new cells and enhance healing. It seems to works at a deep cellular level for a wide variety of diseases and imbalances including chronic illness.

The key factor when consuming THF MP is that your body will be consistently absorbing small amounts of vital nutrients at each meal time. When eating a healthy diet it is still possible to lose vitamins if only a few minerals are not available at that meal consuming phytoplankton may well cover those missing minerals.

Nutrition is an emerging science with the relationship between components in our food still coming to light. Marine phytoplankton is not a formulation – nature has created it…a perfect formula feeding all sea-life indirectly or directly. Containing over 65 vital nutritional properties to build and support your body, including all the amino acids (protein), essential fatty acids omega-3 DHA/EPA, vitamins (B 12 and folic acid) minerals, trace elements, unique anti-oxidants, electrolytes, nucleic acid, enzymes and co-enzymes.


Only small amounts are required to enjoy and feel the benefits. We could supply a long list of chronic diseases that THF MF may help but until we have scientific proof we are unable to list them. As with many studies it can take years before results can be published. In the mean time we offer you a green healthy sea based food that contains many nutrients that we believe are missing in our diets today. Try some and “Feel the Difference”

health factory phytoplankton powder

What is Health Factory Marine Phytoplankton?

Phytoplankton is an ancient single celled algae that floats in the ocean. For three billion years Marine Phytoplankton has supported virtually all creatures in the ocean. It contains a unique combination of life sustaining nutrients including; Omega 3 essential fatty acids, protein, chlorophyll, vitamins, enzymes, minerals and trace elements. Marine Phytoplankton makes up one quarter of all vegetation (land and sea) providing up to 90% of the oxygen in the air we breathe. All the Scientific evidence indicates that Marine Phytoplankton may be the most important food on Planet Earth.

Do all species of marine phytoplankton contain reasonable doses of EPA?

No, very few species have good volumes of EPA. Most in fact only supply Omega 3 ALA, which the body needs to convert into EPA. However THF MP was especially selected for its high levels of bioavailable EPA.

What is the importance of EPA?

Science has now proven that this forms of essential fatty acids are crucial for the health of our brain, heart and nervous system. They are also proven to be anti-inflammatory. In this phospholipid form, it is ready for immediate use in the body, Omega 3 Essential fatty acids are needed especially by the brain and heart but must be in this form to reach the brain.

What factors hinder the body converting Omega 3 ALA into Omega 3 DHA and EPA?

Stress, allergy problems such as asthma, eczema, hay fever, diabetes, lack of supporting nutrients (Vitamins & Minerals), incorrect balance of omega 3 to omega 6, excess saturated fats and sugar in the diet, excess vitamin A and copper, drugs, alcohol, viruses and illness.

Why are Omega 3’s in micro-algae better absorbed by humans than fish oil?

Fish oil is not easy for everyone to digest, micro- algae in its “nano” form does not need digesting, slipping directly into the blood stream on entering your body. Our Omega 3 EPA are best bio available for the human body when they are present in this phospholipid form of fat – that are found in our marine phytoplankton. Phospholipids are needed to transport all nutrients into your cells and through the blood brain barrier.

Does your marine phytoplankton have B12?

No plant sources e.g. spirulina, chlorella, barley grass, seaweeds including algae – show a reliable source of B12 when put through a scientific test. Research has proven that these sources do contain analogues of B12 ( look a likes) – but do not act the same as real B12 in your body.

How does Phytality conserve the natural goodness contained in live Marine Phytoplankton?

By a soft drying process.
This conservation process maintains cell structure without any degradation. In contrast, undue heat used in flash or conventional spray drying can damage the fragile and complex nutrients contained in this unique organism. Marine Phytoplankton has evolved over three billion years and has never been exposed to temperatures higher than those found in the Ocean.

What is the Recommended Daily Allowance of Phytality Marine Phytoplankton?

It is important to understand that Marine Phytoplankton is a whole super food, not a health supplement.

Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA/RDI) is an outdated guide for specific amounts and types of foods certain groups of people should consume.

You are unique and your dietary needs are not the same as other peoples. Many ‘experts’ earn their living by calculating to the last milligram how many vitamins, minerals and other nutrients we should all be consuming.

Is it not more sensible to let the intelligence of your own body determine what’s best? If you feed the body with a broad spectrum of natural/organic, non- processed foods, then the body will take what it needs and reject what it doesn’t need. If you are eating real food, it is almost impossible to ‘overdose’. THF marine phytoplankton is a highly concentrated bio-available natural food, this means that only a relatively small quantity is required in order to achieve useful health benefits.

However, servings can vary depending on individual requirements – either for general maintenance or as part of a balanced diet, higher levels may be required for those needing extra nutrition. As a guide, use between 500mg to 2 grams daily or if using the powder, simply add a measured quantity (1/2 a level teaspoon full) suggested 2 times per day to a bottle of purified/mineral water and shake for a few seconds before consuming. For our labelling requirements, we give a standard dosage measure of 1gram per day.

If required, add a little organic fruit or vegetable juice to enhance the taste. Alternatively blend the powder with a fruit/veggie “smoothie” or add to your breakfast cereal.

What do scientists and health professions say about the product?

Dr J.Tennant founder and director of the Tennant Institute of Integrative Medicine. Educated at Harvard University, he has over 15 years practice in energetic medicine, treating thousands of terminally ill patients. Of all the products he had come across he had this to say of marine phytoplankton:

“This is the most exciting product I have come across”.

It contains almost everything necessary to sustain life and build healthy new cells. When you give the body everything it needs to produce trillions of healthy new cells then you get well.

Dr JT notes that many products work for some people but not others. He believes this is because the body needs all the raw materials and critical components at the same time. “The problem is that we need ALL of them at the same time for things to work.”

Another very important reason that makes marine phytoplankton unique and very effective is that it is composed of single cells that bypass the liver and digestive system. This is highly significant and is one reason Dr JT believes results have been seen so quickly, particularly with critical and chronically ill patients who’s livers were in poor condition. Whereas other products took months to see significant results, results were being noticed within days of taking marine phytoplankton.

Phytality Marine phytoplankton or Fish oil?

Oils obtained from sea fish have been found to contain many toxins and the removal of these in turn produces more contaminates – making most traditionally manufactured fish oils not the best quality for human consumption. This has been highlighted by recent court cases against fish oil processors in the USA

Phytality phytoplankton however has not been processed in any way, it is softly dried to preserve all the natural properties. The amount of oils/fats in marine phytoplankton is small if comparing it to extracted fish oil. However THF MP contains a micro phospholipid form of these essential fatty acids with all the supporting nutrients required, a little goes a long way, your body is able to use every little bit, nothing is wasted.

People are now well aware that Omega 3 Fatty Acids are good for their health science is now proving EPA is highly beneficial for our brain and heart function. What is not commonly understood is that Omega 3 (EPA/DHA) in fish oils is in the triglyceride form making it less available to the human cells. However EPA in THF MP is present in the phospholipid form, this is easily assimilated lipid and is vital in transporting fats and other nutrients across the cell walls. This is why THF MP the microscopic algae full of omega 3 is simply the safest and quickest way to be sure you are getting these superior fats into your cells not just your body.

Essential fatty acids are very susceptible to rancidity and needs to be consumed with good quantities of antioxidants to prevent it from oxidation. Phytality phytoplankton has it’s very own unique antioxidants to protect the fragile Omega 3’s zeaxanthin.