About Plankton for Health – Our Mission & Team

Plankton for Health is an online resource for those interested in the power of marine phytoplankton. Our founder, had a life changing experience with taking phytoplankton, which gave him the immediate mission to communicate the power of this plant to as many people as possible. This website is intended to be an informational resource, a hub of the latest scientific evidence, and a way to buy what we feel is the world’s best product direct from us.

Plankton for Health Medical Advisors and Review Board

To make sure all of our articles are of the highest quality, referenced and fact-checked, we work with an amazing group of natural health practitioners and medical advisors. You’ll see a section indicating that a post has been medically reviewed at the bottom of many of our health related posts.

Erran Warden, Nutritional Therapist (‘The Juice Doctor’)

Erran Warden; Nutritional Therapist, Professional sports coach and star of Channel 4 and Sky TVs ‘Supersize Kids’ -On A Diet – swears by the power of natural, raw juice. Visit his site here.

Dani Benjamin – Nutritionist and Bio Energetic Feedback Practitioner

Dani qualified from the The College of Natural Medicine in 2014 in Naturopathic Nutrition and went on to specialise in Bio-energetic feedback (Energetic medicine). She is also an experienced Asyra/Qest4 practitioner. Visit her site here.

Adi Howarth – Homeopath and Natural Health Practitioner

Adi is a registered homeopath and the founder of Hummingbird Homeopathy. Her work includes homeopathy, bodywork, tree essences and nutrition. Visit her site here.

Plankton for Health Editorial Guidelines

We adhere to strict editorial guidelines on Plankton for Health, with and every post reviewed for accuracy by editorial and medical review teams as part of our commitment to creating the highest quality information. We are one of the first specialist phytoplankton resources on the internet and pay close attention to the latest scientific and medical research into this life changing plant.

Cara Hayes is an experienced natural health practitioner with a Masters in Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics from the University of Sydney. She has been writing for Plankton for Health since 2019 and contributes widely to many well-known health publications.